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J Hoe Hoe
You are......

J Hoe Hoe

It all started when Hoe Hoe met Jho....and the two became JHOEHOE!!!!

So, Hoe Hoe met Jho....Jho said "no I will not go to Rodeo with you!!!"....."heath!!"..."jenny"...."heath!!"...."jenny!?!?"..."oohhhh! gotcha". And now look at us 6 months later!  I mean, not only did we go to Dallas together the first week or two after knowing each other, but we managed to wreck your bike (that I "loved" haha), said I love you very soon after, and now, we live together!! Haha...crazy how life works! Now i can't imagine my life with you in it :)  I'm looking forward to the day that we say "i do" that way i can officially be your wifey...aka mrs. horton!!!!!